Month: February 2014

4th District Dart Tournament

Post 199 hosted the 4th District for the Annual 4th District Dart Tournament. There were 11 people who participated which allowed for 5 teams. Post 199 and Post 372 did well. Here are the results of the tournament. Singles: 1st Place: Doug Stafford (199) 2nd Place: Toby Smith (199) 3rd Place: Bailey Smith (199)  … Read More »

The Four Chaplains

On Feb. 3, 1943, the United States Army Transport Dorchester – a converted luxury liner – was crossing the North Atlantic, transporting more than 900 troops to an American base in Greenland. Aboard the ship were four chaplains of different faiths: Reverend George Fox (Methodist), Jewish Rabbi Alexander Goode, Reverend Clark Poling (Dutch Reformed) and… Read More »